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2016 Wives/ Housewives vs. That clean up Women waiting in the Cut for Your Man!!

Posted on August 21, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

 WELL Ladies it's on the rise and running rampant we as 2016 Wives and Housewives are faced with the everyday approach of the other women babies Mama drama!!!! Not only having the audacity of approaching us as the wives but pregnant and approaching us telling us that (quote) I'm having your husbands baby!!! But why here we thinking we up on our game we doing our wifely duties back at the crib ummmm not so fast ladies, while i realize that we work 9 to 5 and probable bringing home more than our Husbands but just different hours and the mere fact that you probable get home first enough time to kick them stillettoes off! snatch that Wig (flip your wig lol off !)get comfortable in those and yo  favorite tweetie bird house sleepers, and booty shorts you can't wear outside no more too much meat we looking at!!!!( you know those Oreo cookies) we have a long love affair with late night yeah them!!!! Anyway why not keep on that flawless makeup and  lovely dress suit or Corporate skirt and blouse with that ruby red lipstick you was wearing when you left the house this morning leave all that on for another hour or two till your hubby comes home it will be worth you wait simple because he don't want to see you all the time when we strip off all the  warpaint and the wigs off with block braids looking like we a prisoner at the women's detention center or better yet Buck Shots under that wig lol! and winding down to turn in for the night, and got to give you yo props  yes you did put in your 8 hrs true point but hell truth be told sometimes after removing all that glamour and glitz you scare yo own damn self!!!! So with that being said nobody wakes up beautiful but if you don't want your husband's imagination running wild and going to try the grass being greener on the other side with the Clean up Women waiting in the Cut for your man she's fine with yo leftovers one man's (women's) trash is another man's (women's) treasure!!! Keep it all on for another hour or two keep yo man looking at for your eyes only!!!!!

Human Trafficking (Our Precious Cargo)

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 ALERT!!!!! Human Trafficking is no longer a USA red alert it has gone Globally!!!! Where is our Precious Cargo Women/ Girls gone? They are literally being snatched off the Streets during exercise runs across the bridges, running through our local parks, going on hiking trails, in the shopping malls  and all to an awaiting non descript vehicle were they are blindfolded, cholryformed, injected, and taken to far off distant lands they are awakened to the cruel reality of vacancy, desolate, abandoned, areas and forced into prostitution,drugs, and servitude. they look around because there's no place like home and all they see in the far off distant land is hopelessness and dispair! Afraid, Naked were one  has to earn a torn or tattered blouse or pants from their Captors to cover there shame! looking up into our Galaxy  "Heaven" above hands clasped together asking and praying that the one bright star they see will guide them back home praying there's no place like home please if your up there save me i want to go home!!!!! s are Precious Cargo Where's are our Women/ Girls gone?