For a Safer Tomorrow

Vintage Rose Battered Women’s Shelter Corp. in Monrovia, California is an organization serving battered women and abused children from low-income homes. We are a 501(c) non-profit working to ease abused women’s suffering by providing them with a temporary shelter while they heal emotionally and physically, until they reenter the workforce.

Currently, we are referring women to a trustworthy homeless shelter until we can build our own location for them.

Statement of Proposal

Vintage Rose Battered Women’s Shelter Corporation believes in reaching the “Inner Child” in every woman that enters our shelter homes. We believe that the women who enter our home are coming from a dark place -- a place of hopelessness, despair and a sense of disconnection.

Light in the Midst of Darkness

We understand that you can become as sick as your secret. In this case, it’s important that you find someone to confide in or talk to. This releases the power of that secret and puts you on the road to overcoming that which keeps you in that dark and hopeless state.

Vintage Rose provides professional staff with backgrounds in family mental healthcare and individuals from similar backgrounds who have themselves been victims of past abuse.

Unleashing Inner Beauty

This is then where Vintage Rose’s unique resources would take place. We believe every Woman is a little girl who wants to play dress-up and look pretty. That would be Vintage Roses target area—to help women get through their emotional pain by getting in touch with the inner beauty that all women possess. 

In our home we will have a room specifically for hair and makeup which will include licensed professionals to help assist with applying makeup and various hair care treatments. We would also ask for donations of women’s clothing with enough pieces to accommodate the hair, nails and makeup for future job interviews. Vintage Rose believes when you look good you seem to feel good too!

Promoting Productivity

We would also have another room with available and set up with 2 to 4 sewing machines for beginners. The more experienced women will make clothing and blankets for themselves or the children of the Vintage Rose home.

Also there would be blankets made in donations to go to our local cancer treatment Center (City of Hope) to the children’s ward. We would accommodate this room with clothing patterns for our more experienced women, and also include material for our beginners to start their blanket process too.

Preparing for Re-Integration

Finally upon exiting our home the women of the shelter and those willing to participate would put on a one-time fashion show for our Vintage Rose staff members and or other Battered Women’s Shelter affiliates. More importantly it would be our final attempt at targeting that inner talent while preparing the women for re-entering the workforce.